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Re: Old Public Houses in Bryn Pydew
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I went to the Archives today and had a look at the Porter Papers of Conwy who dealt with the sale of the Swan on 29th April 1893.   I must admit that I found the jargon and abbreviations together with the doctor's style of handwriting difficult to follow but the lady archivist sailed through it.
Very briefly there were originally 4 buildings on the site but by 1893 they had been subdivided into 3 and were known as the Swan and the Pendre.     No mention in it of Cil Giat

The Swan must have been the one divided into 2 properties because I had a look in the 1851 Census and a William Thomas,  widower age 76 Pauper and formerly a carpenter lived in the first one and David Hughes aged 22 an agricultural worker lived in the second one with his wife and child.
Next in the Census was Ty Newydd where Evan Evans and his family lived.
Cil Gate   (as written in the Census) is next in order and James Williams and his family live there

So this throws up another mystery and I haven't got the answer:-
Is the Swan in the 1851 Census the original building where the pub once was?
And is Ty Newydd  ( Eng  New House)  the building that we know now as the Swan
Cil Gate  is the same as the "shop" in the 1861 Census and James Williams was still there

I'm sorry Cambrian but I ran out of time and couldn't ask the question that you raised about any records of the Licensing Justices for the Conwy Petty Sessional district.   I'll try and remember for the next time I am there