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Re: Parking in Llandudno (Mostyn Champneys)
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I am currently fighting a 'fine' levelled by Excel Parking. They operate their car parks by camera and you have to enter the full registration number of your vehicle when obtaining a ticket. I made a mistake entering the registration number and they are now trying to 'fine' me 100 for 39 minutes parking. All the paperwork is produced to look very official as if from a statutory body and is worded strongly to the point of being threatening. At no point do they suggest that I failed to purchase a ticket, nor do they suggest that they have been financially disadvantaged.

They have refused to enter into to any correspondence, but there is a so called 'appeals process' where you appeal on line to a supposedly 'independent' organisation, which is actually funded by the private car park operators themselves. I had a devil of a job accessing it, because, low and behold, Excel Parking had made a mistake entering the details!!!! Surprisingly, my appeal was turned down with the rationale that I had breached the terms and conditions of use of the carpark. Sadly for them, the board in the carpark showing the terms and conditions had various bits of gaffer tape of the same colour as the board stuck across it, presumably where the company had deleted/altered the terms and conditions, which I have photographed.

I am more than happy to go to County Court with this one, should be fun!

Excel Parking threatened me numerous times with court action with very official looking letters. I gave Excel Parking all the details outlined above including photographs, and told them to apply to court for the summons against me and I would have the case transferred to my local county court and I would present my defense to the action.

I never heard another word from them.
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