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Hobbies and Interests / Re: Local Wildlife
« Last post by Hugo on Today at 04:05:05 PM »
With the temperature dropping below freezing at night I wanted to protect the crown of my Australian Tree Fern from damage caused by the frost so I improvised and put a load of my dog's clippings on the crown of the plant.
This morning I noticed some clippings on the lawn but thought no more of it until a short while ago, when I saw a Jackdaw take a huge beak full and fly off to built its nest.
At least the birds know that Spring is on its way, even if it doesn't feel like it is at the moment
Local News & Discussion / Re: Mostyn Champneys and Parc Llandudno
« Last post by OrmeMac on Today at 01:32:37 PM »
Perhaps all of these proposals and associated costs are being done now with the hope of getting M&S if/when they move to foot the bill as part of the granting of permission?
Fix My Street / Dog Muck, 19th February
« Last post by Nigel The News Bot on Today at 01:34:43 AM »
Dog Muck, 19th February

Right on public footpath to awel y mynydd primary school. needs clearing as all the children walk up this path.

Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Pen Dyffryn, Llandudno Junction
Report on FixMyStreet

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Politics & Current Affairs / Re: Points to Ponder
« Last post by Fester on Yesterday at 09:04:27 PM »
It appears that the Police have got their finger out!   :laugh:

KFC Llandudno was fully operational again from 20.00 on Thursday, according to their website.

Genealogy & Research / Re: John Roberts, Conwy.
« Last post by Hugo on Yesterday at 06:22:55 PM »
In the Register Ellen Owen was a single woman living at Mount Pleasant
Genealogy & Research / Re: John Roberts, Conwy.
« Last post by Hugo on Yesterday at 06:01:37 PM »
I couldn't find a Baptism record for John Owen b 1860 but did find one for Thomas Owen who was the illegitimate  son of Ellen Owen.  No record was made as to the father of the child.
His Baptism was recorded at No 14 in the Register ans the date looks like 25th December 1857

The was no record in the Marriage Register of a marriage between John Roberts and Ellen Owen

Local News & Discussion / Re: Mostyn Champneys and Parc Llandudno
« Last post by Dave on Yesterday at 05:19:57 PM »
A pedestrian crossing from Venue Cymru to MC is long overdue and much needed.

It makes sense you don't need the lights controlling traffic at the Aldi end of Charlotte Rd, a give way is sufficient provided the lights were still in place to stop traffic coming towards the Links. Would give more opportunities to escape. I would be a bit concerned about pedestrians crossing though, it's already dodgy and the new additional pedestrian crossing( there isn't another one actually) is not where people want to cross over either if you are walking in to town from the Links direction.
Local News & Discussion / Mostyn Champneys and Parc Llandudno
« Last post by Bri Roberts on Yesterday at 04:55:59 PM »
I have found these further details of what we are likely to see now and in the near future.

I shall look forward to reading everyone’s opinions.  $good$

Junction of Charlotte Road and Conway Road
One of the signal heads would be removed as it was considered that traffic would merge better under a give way system. An additional pedestrian crossing would also be provided on Charlotte Road.

Second set of traffic lights before Asda Stores/entering and exiting Parc Llandudno Traffic would be prevented from turning right as it exited Parc Llandudno to go to Asda as this turn was seldom used and would allow an additional lane on Conway Road, for traffic travelling straight on to be installed. The pavement would be narrowed by the introduction of the additional lane and would, therefore, require widening.

Junction of Vaughan Street/Mostyn Street
A dedicated right hand turn for traffic travelling onto Mostyn Broadway would be introduced and the priority would be changed to traffic travelling from Mostyn Street, to improve traffic flows. The options for exiting Parc Llandudno and the junction of Vaughan Street/Mostyn Street would be costly to construct.

Mostyn Broadway/Charlotte Road
Left hand and right hand lanes would be created on Charlotte Road leading into Mostyn Champneys Retail Park but this would require the purchase/leasing of additional land to implement. Parking restrictions would also be introduced on Charlotte Road to solve the concerns raised about parking by B&Q.

A new signalised crossing would be installed on Mostyn Broadway by Venue Cymru. This would necessitate the relocation of the in-bound bus stop and would assist motorists turning right out of Charlotte Road and pedestrians. Parking restrictions outside Venue Cymru had also been proposed.
Local News & Discussion / Re: What's Llandudno Like Right Now?
« Last post by Blongb on Yesterday at 04:06:22 PM »
I went to Aldi this morning Gwyant and all the road direction you mentioned are in place and seemed to be working well.  ££$
Local News & Discussion / Re: What's Llandudno Like Right Now?
« Last post by Gwynant on Yesterday at 03:08:21 PM »
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I believe it's the lights near the Pet store, Charlotte rd and Conwy rd. a mix of traffic and pedestrian, they have always been poor, only allowing a few cars at a time to leave MC, it will be interesting to see if this system works.

       I spoke to a couple of lads on the site this morning and they told me they are putting in a Pelican Crossing across the road from Macdonald's to the Oak Furniture store, and it could take up to a month. To help the flow of traffic exiting the car park they were going to try and re-route the traffic from both the exits to turn right only and drive down to the junction with Mostyn Broadway and then all turn left and filter into the traffic going into town and then round past the Fire Station and back up the Links roundabout, rather than trying to cross the traffic to turn right to Craig-y-don etc. I don't know if that is the system  in action now as I had walked to ALDI as my neighbour took nearly an hour to drive out of the car park yesterday afternoon.
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