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Local News & Discussion / Re: Llandudno Pier
« Last post by Merddin Emrys on Today at 03:23:05 PM »
Seems some people are so greedy they end up with nothing! How stupid, should have taken the original amount and kept it on good terms then get more filmwork in the future! Or as in this case be greedy and get nothing! 🤔
Local News & Discussion / Re: Llandudno Pier
« Last post by Ian on Today at 02:23:18 PM »
I've been forwarded some information - anonymously - which I'll print here:

"Adam Williams went on holiday after leaving a contract unsigned for £75k with the BBC for 4 days filming.
This would have netted him approximately £50k profit.  On his return it's alleged he demanded the sum be upped to £90k.  The film company reluctantly agreed.

It's then alleged that on the day the film cmpany trucks arrived, he pushed for another £15,000,  at which point the film company had had enough and arranged Penarth Pier within an hour of his demand.

The BBC were also going to give the four affected kiosk owners £1000 each.  They are distraught now."

Games, Jokes & Quizzes / Re: Quiz Time!
« Last post by Hugo on Today at 12:20:07 PM »
Nice one ME   It's a few years since I saw it last but the guy who rediscovered it in his garden did a good job looking after it
Local News & Discussion / Re: Llandudno Pier
« Last post by Ian on Today at 12:11:08 PM »
It's not always straightforward. Insurance is one major issue and film companies in general tend to have a flexible relationship with what they say at the outset and what they tend to do once on location.  Would be interesting to know the precise details.
Games, Jokes & Quizzes / Re: Quiz Time!
« Last post by Cambrian on Today at 11:14:14 AM »
Very interesting re Crogfryn ME.

Just a couple of things, mains water came to Llanrhos in 1879 when the Llandudno supply from Dulyn arrived.

Beyond the well nearer the old Tower is a field known as Gardd y Mynachdy,  which can be translated as the Monastry Garden.  It is assumed to be a link to the old Aberconwy Abbey.
Local News & Discussion / Re: Llandudno Pier
« Last post by DaveR on Today at 11:03:25 AM »
I noted the comments by the Pier Owner, with regards to the cancellation of filming, and I find his explanation bizarre, to say the least. Film companies are adept at transforming locations and then returning them to their proper state without causing any damage whatsoever. Very mysterious..

Adam Williams, managing director of Tir Prince Leisure Group, which owns the pier, described the situation as a “huge shame”.

He said: “It’s really unfortunate. We were really looking forward to it.

“The safety of the pier and the potential damage that could have been caused meant that we couldn’t proceed due to the safety of the pier.

“At no point has this been a monetary issue. In fact, we were willing to lose money just to hold the filming.

“But coming up to the latter stages of last week when we were chasing the contract, it became apparent that some of the things they wanted to do, which weren’t disclosed at the start, would need to have been managed by us or not done at all.

“It’s a huge shame, but my priority is that the pier is safe for future generations.”
Games, Jokes & Quizzes / Re: Quiz Time!
« Last post by Merddin Emrys on Today at 10:19:44 AM »
St Mary’s Well and Crogfryn, Llanrhos
Link to French translationSt Mary’s Well and Crogfryn, Llanrhos

Photo of Llanrhos well being clearedThe holy well near Llanrhos church was lost for many years until 1993, when flash floods caused widespread damage in the area. The well was rediscovered when the area around it was cleared of debris. Subsequent exploration by local resident Ken Davies uncovered pieces of glass and several Victorian bottles and jars. The photo shows Ken clearing the well area in 1994.

The well (Ffynnon Santes Fair) is dedicated to St Mary, probably the original dedicatee of what is now known as St Hilary’s Church. The well doesn’t appear on a map dated 1889 but is shown on maps from 1900 onwards, when it was still the principal water supply for the area. It became obsolete when properties were connected to the water mains in 1908.

The footpath which passes the well has probably been a route for many centuries from St Hilary’s Church to the Vardre, a hill with two summits to the west. Nearby are Crogfryn Woods and Crogfryn Lane. Crog translates as gallows, and some people have imagined that hangings once took place in this vicinity. However, crog also means “hanging” in the sense of “crucifixion” and “cross”. Bryn = hill, and Crogfryn can be translated as the “high cross”. Medieval stone crucifixes were sometimes placed outside churches as a status symbol or as waymarkers for pilgrims. They were often built on or over ancient stone markers.

This suggests that there was once a Christian cross nearby. The proximity of the well to Crogfryn suggests that the well could have been a strategic place for pilgrims and other travellers.

With thanks to Kevin Slattery and Ifor Williams, of the Deganwy History Group
Games, Jokes & Quizzes / Re: Quiz Time!
« Last post by Merddin Emrys on Today at 10:17:24 AM »
Well done Jack, only found it last night, felt really magical there, interesting story behind it too. No idea why the pics come out sideways?
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Games, Jokes & Quizzes / Re: Quiz Time!
« Last post by Jack on Today at 10:12:26 AM »
Is it a very unusual angle of St Mary's Well at Llanrhos?
Games, Jokes & Quizzes / Re: Quiz Time!
« Last post by Hugo on Today at 09:47:29 AM »
It's a good find ME and I've no idea where it is but at the moment I've got a crick in my neck looking at it
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