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Times Past / Re: John Bright Grammar School - Houses
« Last post by Quiggs on Today at 05:21:27 PM »
PS. I left at 15 and did a 5 year apprenticeship as a Tool Maker, so Latin wasnít of much use
Times Past / Re: John Bright Grammar School - Houses
« Last post by Quiggs on Today at 05:14:47 PM »
I was in Goddaeth ( Green ) from 1952 / 1955. The other houses were Mostyn, Penrhyn and Gogarth, if that adds to the confusion, oh, and I did Latin in the second year, for all the good it did  ;D
Times Past / Re: John Bright Grammar School - Houses
« Last post by Hugo on Today at 04:29:20 PM »
The present day houses in Ysgol John Bright,   Mostyn is missing but where is Glaslyn?

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Genealogy & Research / Re: John Roberts, Conwy.
« Last post by Meleri on Today at 03:53:15 PM »
On the 1861 Census John Owen's age is seven & a half months and the Census was taken Sunday 7th April, if my maths are right then he was born the last week in August 1860. There are two births Registered at Conway near to that time, John Owen registered 1860 3 Quarter July-August-September, but that one states Mother's maiden name Jones. The second one is John Owens registered 1860 4Q October-November-December but no Mother's name, that one could be the one you are looking for it's Volume 11b Page 473. I have bought quite a few Certificated from The Register Office in Llandudno and they are very good for checking to see if it's the right one first if you go there in person. It's doubtful if there is going to be a father's name though, so you could ask them to have a look if it states Mother Ellen Owen, as on the Baptisms for Sarah & Thomas they were stated as illegitimate and Ellen a single woman. At least you now now who Ellen's parents are. I have had a look for John's Baptism but no luck I'm afraid.
Times Past / Re: John Bright Grammar School - Houses
« Last post by Meleri on Today at 03:27:19 PM »
In the second photograph of just the ladies, is the pretty blonde second from back desk, on the far wall Annette ?
Genealogy & Research / Re: John Roberts, Conwy.
« Last post by Paulakelsall on Today at 01:02:53 PM »
Hi Emma - some of the people you mention are part of my family tree. Hope this might explain some of the confusion!

Owen Owen (1817-1899), Ann Owen (1819-1855c) & Elinor Owen (1827-?). All born in Conway to parents John Owen (1788c-1841) and Mary Parry (1795c-?). Note the surname is sometimes changed to Owens in records, Ann's name is sometimes Anne and Elinor's name crops up as Elin/Ellin/Eleanor.

Ann Owen married John Evans (1814-1842) at St Mary's Church, Conway in 1840. They had two children John Evans (b1841-?) and Evan Evans (b1843-1903). Sadly Ann's husband John died in an accident in 1842 leaving Ann with the two small boys.

The widowed Ann marries John Roberts (b1825-?) in Conway in 1847. They have three children Trevor Roberts (1850-?), Mary Roberts (1851-?) and Alfred Roberts (b1854-?). Ann died c1855 in Conway and is buried in St Mary's Churchyard, Conway with her first husband John Evans - see photo. Therefore, I am sorry to say she cannot be your great grandfather John Roberts' (b1860) mother.

On first glance of the 1851 & 1861 Censuses the information can be confusing but....
1851 - Mount Pleasant, Conway
John Roberts born Conway Aged 26. Head. Married. Stone Mason
Anne Roberts    "     "         Aged 29. Married. Wife of John Roberts
John Evans        "     "        Aged 10. Stepson of John Roberts (son from Anne's first marriage)
Evan Ellis Evans "     "        Aged 7. Stepson of John Roberts (son from Anne's first marriage. nb Ellis is a family surname from previous generations)
Trefor Roberts   "     "        Aged 11 months. Son of John & Anne Roberts
Owen Owens      "     "       Aged.31.Unmarried. Lodger (Anne's Brother/John Roberts' brother-in-Law). Mariner.
Eleanor Owen    "     "        Aged 23. Unmarried. Servant (Anne's Sister/John Roberts' sister-in-law). House Servant.

1861 Census - High Street (North Side) Conway
John Roberts born Conway Aged 35. Head. Widowed. Sawyer.
Trevor Roberts "        "       Aged 12. Son of John Roberts & Ann Roberts deceased.
Mary Roberts    "        "      Aged 9. Daughter of John Roberts & Ann Roberts deceased.
Alfred Roberts   "        "     Aged 7. Son  of John Roberts & Ann Roberts deceased.
Eleanor Owen    "        "     Aged 29. Servant. Unmarried. (Sister-in-law of John Roberts/Sister of Ann Roberts' deceased)
Sarah Owen      "        "     Aged 9. Daughter of Eleanor Owen/Father unknown.
Thomas Owen   "        "     Aged 3. Son of Eleaner Owen/Father unknown.
John Owen        "        "     Aged 7 months. Son of Eleanor Owen/Father unknown. (Who you believe is your great grandfather)
Evan Evans       "        "     Aged 16. Lodger. Unmarried. Mariner. (Stepson of John Roberts/son of Ann Roberts' deceased).

I did find an Eleanor Owens marrying a Thomas Roberts in Conway in 1857 but this does not account for why Eleanor is listed on the 1861 Census as Owen and unmarried. As Eleanor is not in my direct line of ancestors I am afraid I have not researched this further. It might be worth looking for Eleanor (and/or John Owen/Roberts) in subsequent Censuses. I did find another marriage for Elinor Owens in 1867 to an Owen Jones in Conway. Again I have not looked into this.

On a side note, which might be of interest to your mother, Owen Owen b1817 married and had a fairly large family. I am in contact with his descendants who are still local to the area. Ann Owen b1819 sons John Evans b1841 & Evans Evans b1843 did not change their names to Roberts. John Evans married had a large family and I have been in contact with his descendants. Evan Evans is my great great grandfather and again had a large family in Conway. He became the Harbour Master in Conway an is buried in St Agnes Road Cemetery.

Hope this is of some use!

Times Past / Re: John Bright Grammar School - Houses
« Last post by Jelly Baby on Today at 06:39:30 AM »
Oh dear, as the fog of time lifts and clears, I dread to think, could it be possible that Glaslyn was one of the houses at BODAFON, rather than JBGS??
C'mon, guys, give me a break, we're talking over 58 years ago now! And to think I'm still only 25 years old!!
I wonder what house I was in at JBGS then?!!
Times Past / Re: John Bright Grammar School - Houses
« Last post by Jelly Baby on Today at 06:34:26 AM »
That was certainly my class in '65 and I recognise most of the faces but I'm a shocker at names! I'm not 100% sure but I think that's me at the back with half my face obscured? It would be like me to skulk at the back! Pretty poor show when you can't even recognise yourself! My apologies to whoever that gorgeous-looking bird is if it's not me anyway!
Bri, I was in the Alpha stream too, as was my sister! Only the As got to do Latin after the first form, so I missed out on even an O-level, which would have given me the option to try to get into one of the Oxbridge Unis - ooh, they do like their Latin!
I'm still hanging out for Glaslyn though...............
Genealogy & Research / Re: Thomas Richard EVANS
« Last post by Jelly Baby on Today at 06:23:17 AM »
Hi Downunder!
Son-in-law was trying to buy a house at The Gap but their internet access is frightening! Different streets have different access - even sides of streets! He found one eventually but it's pretty grim when you consider he has to have i'net access for his work, so in buying a house, no other considerations were at the top of their list!! Poor souls had to put up with just an inground pool and landscaped grounds that include a resident 7' long python called Jeffrey! Doing it tough up there!! (Ho hum!)
We've been complaining about our lousy summer (well, we would do if only it would get started!) but your weather has been pretty hearty, even for Brisvegas! Still, snow twice in January did leave us wondering which side of the planet we live on!!
Yep, we thought about Barnaby but the blighter's gone off on a touch of furlough, so back to our Labor pollie - but with a Lib Govt, how much good do you think he'll be?!
Sorry, Llandudno-ites, just talk among yourselves while we Aussies sling off about our trials and tribulations!!  :D
Times Past / Re: Rhos On Sea & Colwyn Bay
« Last post by Fester on Yesterday at 11:54:51 PM »
A very good point Ian, except they just named everything wrongly..  :laugh: :laugh:
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