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Flytipping. Esplanade. Penmaenmawr, 18th February

Blag bags mattresses and fridge freezer have been dumped at the location

Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): Bodfor Esplanade, Penmaenmawr
Report on FixMyStreet

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Walks in North Wales / Re: Walking
« Last post by Hugo on Today at 04:57:41 PM »
Llanystumdwy walk
Walks in North Wales / Re: Walking
« Last post by Hugo on Today at 04:54:14 PM »
This is the 4th year in a row that we have travelled to Llanystumdwy to do a walk along the Afon Dwyrfor and see the masses of Snowdrops that line the river bank.   Normally we go there at the end of January but this year, because of circumstances like illness and the weather we were about 3 weeks later than in previous years.
We  drove down to Porthmadog and picked up old Uncle Albert and then continued to Llannystumdwy before parking the car by the Memorial to David Lloyd George, a former Prime Minister of Great Britain who spent his childhood growing up in this Welsh village.
The walk is straightforward and it follows the river for about 2 Km and then passes through a stone arch where you turn right and follow a very straight lane back to the village.     The walk has been different each time we have done it and this time was no exception.    The river was calmer than on previous visits and was not in full flood after the Winter rains and although it was still flowing fast we could see how clear the water is.  The Snowdrops were out in their masses and itís a fascinating sight to see and well worth the journey down there to see them.   The flowers were past their best sadly but were still very impressive to see and we did notice that there were masses of Bluebells starting to grow and we have earmarked another trip to Llanystumdwy in April or May to see them in full bloom.
Itís a delightful walk through deciduous woodland and because of the storms we have had this Winter, several large trees have been uprooted and toppled into the river
Once out of the woods we headed down the tarmac lane and when we came to Ty Newydd, a huge white building that was Lloyd Georgeís final home in the village we followed the public footpath behind the house and made our way back to the car and through the old main street of this village.   We passed the old pub and then the childhood home of Lloyd George before crossing over the bridge and having a look around the old Church.
We then made our way back to the car and drove back to Uncle Albertís home where we were treated to cups of tea and a homemade scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam, a great way to finish off a good walk.   Sadly Rhuddlan was not able to come on the walk as he wasnít feeling too well but at least Tellytubby and I were able to scoff his scone and very delicious it was!
Good try, Bri.  I thought it might have been cancelled, but on checking the Pioneer, I don't think they came close to us........

HUNDREDS of plane spotters headed to Anglesey in their droves to see RAF Tornado jets final flypast.
Three Tornado GR4 planes soared above RAF Valley in Anglesey this afternoon.

"The turn out was great. I would say about a thousand people turned out for this one chance to see the planes.
People clapped and cheered when it flew over."
The three-ship formation crossed the RAF Valley MATZ (Military Air Traffic Zone) at 500 ft, South to North.

The RAF confirmed earlier this month that after almost 40 years serving the UK on military operations across the world, its Tornado jets are returning home for the last time.

First entering service in 1979, the fast jets have been used in operations across the world, most recently bombarding Daesh to push the terrorist group back through Syria and Iraq.

The DP has some comments ..........A few disappointed photographers & other folks in the sand dunes around RAF Valley this afternoon watching the #tornadoflypast - they were so high, no lap of honour; bit of an anti-climax, and it was soooo cold! Ah well, win some, lose some. #TornadoFarewell #Anglesey

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Hobbies and Interests / Re: MILITARIA
« Last post by Bri Roberts on Today at 02:21:54 PM »
Walked down the Prom at 1.40pm to sit down by our War Memorial but gave up at 2.05pm after no sighting and far too cold to stay any longer.
There is a possibility, of a sighting over the local area.

The RAF Tornado farewell flypast timetable has been released - here's what time and where to see it.

It will pass several RAF bases across the county with special significance to the life of the aircraft, including RAF Valley, Anglesey,  ensuring weather conditions are settled enough.

1.30pm - 1.45pm: RAF Shawbury - DECA Sealand

1.45 - 2pm: RAF Valley

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Genealogy & Research / Re: Robert Williams / Sarah Ellen Evans.
« Last post by Helig on Today at 10:57:11 AM »
I have done a place search of Llangelynin in the 1861 census and there is no trace of Robert Williams there at all. This is the same for the other family members, John Williams etc.

Games, Jokes & Quizzes / Re: Quiz Time (General Knowledge & Out of Area)
« Last post by Hugo on Today at 10:26:33 AM »
Well done Neil, very well worked out

Tafarn y Plu is in Llanystumdwy and I saw the milestone at the far end of the bridge that goes over the Afon Dwyfor
Genealogy & Research / Re: Robert Williams / Sarah Ellen Evans.
« Last post by Helig on Today at 10:25:10 AM »
I found a marriage in Llangelynin on Freereg. This was on 24 August 1839, John Williams to Mary Roberts. There are no other details shown in the transcription. It was the only marriage for a John Williams in Llangelynin in the period 1830-1860.

Could they have married in the bride's parish?

It could be of interest in view of Edward Williams being in the household of a family by the name of Roberts in the 1841 census.

Finding the family in a census for 1841, 1851 and 1861, is proving difficult.


Hobbies and Interests / Re: Cambrian Rally 2019
« Last post by Nemesis on Today at 09:59:53 AM »
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The Cambian Rally was an utter disaster for the shops, cafes and other traders not only in Mostyn Street, but also the side roads such as St Georgeís Place and Clonmel St.
I suppose hotels might have benefited, but no one else did.

I can echo that, it was very bad for retail trade. :(
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