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Light not working outside 31 Victoria street, 18th February

Street light has been out for a week. Light is directly outside 31 Victoria street
Nearest road to the pin placed on the map (automatically generated by Bing Maps): 30 Victoria Street, Llandudno
Report on FixMyStreet

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Genealogy & Research / Re: John Roberts, Conwy.
« Last post by Meleri on Today at 04:00:12 PM »
What a tangled web we weave.

Here is my shot at it and a recap of what you have found ;)

On the 1861 Census John Roberts born 1826 is a Widow living at the North Side of High Street Conwy with:-

Trevor Roberts born 1849 Son
Mary       "        "    1852 Daughter
Alfred      "        "    1854 Son
Eleanor Owen    "    1832 servant ( I think she could be a relative of his dead wife, possibly her sister). There are also Sarah, Thomas And John Owen who I think are Eleanor's children as her daughter Sarah and John's Daughter are both age 9.

When I looked for a Baptism for Trevor Roberts I found one in Conwy 14/4/1850, father John Roberts, Mother Anne, address Mount Pleasant, Conway. Also on the GRO it states his Mother's maiden name is Owens
Baptism for Alfred Roberts 16/4/1854 Conway same parents and address. GRO birth  Mother Owens

Marriage for John Roberts & Anne Evans (she was a widow) 14/12/1847 at the Parish Church Conwy. His father was John Roberts, Occupation Mason and her father John Owens, Occupation Mariner. The witnesses were David Roberts & Elin Owens.

1851 Census Mount Pleasant Conwy.

John Roberts born Conway 1825
Anne Roberts    "     "         1822 Wife
John Evans        "     "        1841 Stepson
Evan Ellis Evans "     "        1844   "
Trefor Roberts   "     "         1851 Son age 11 months (so he was born 1850)
Owen Owens      "     "        1822 Lodger ( possibly Anne's Brother)
Eleanor Owens    "     "       1828 Servant ( possibly Ann's Sister)

Anne must have died sometime between 1851 & 1861 as John is a widower on the 1861 Census

There are Monumental Inscription booklets in Conwy Library both for St Mary's graveyard and St Agnes Cemetery with quite a lot of information. I will carry on looking to see what I can find.
Politics & Current Affairs / Re: North Wales News
« Last post by Hugo on Today at 02:35:07 PM »
Tellytubby sent me this link about the fastest RIP ride in the world.  Last year TellyTubby arranged for four of us to have a trip on the RIP ride from Menai Bridge and it was a great experience and we got up to about 50 mph in that boat so we're looking forward to seeing what the new boat is capable of

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Genealogy & Research / Re: John Roberts, Conwy.
« Last post by Hugo on Today at 02:25:01 PM »
Helig,  if the 1861 Census shows them as John Roberts and Eleanor Owen, then you would assume that any marriage must be after the 1861 Census date.

Later Census records 1871 etc  that show Eleanor's name as Eleanor Roberts give some clue as to when or if they got married
Politics & Current Affairs / Re: North Wales News
« Last post by SteveH on Today at 01:47:40 PM »
See which North Wales developments are shortlisted for Wales Project of the Year
The projects range from a restored beach shelter to an adventure hub.

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Genealogy & Research / Re: John Roberts, Conwy.
« Last post by Helig on Today at 11:58:34 AM »
I think this one might take a bit of unravelling. There are some Family Trees on Ancestry which show Eleanor Owen as the wife of John Roberts. They aren't available to view without contacting the Tree owner first. One has their marriage in 1852 but I cannot find this on the usual sites.

Genealogy & Research / Re: Thomas Richard EVANS
« Last post by DownUnder on Today at 10:48:05 AM »
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Thanks for that, Hugo. I think any capital city in Oz is fine as far as the internet goes (my son's 4-person family - 2 adults and 2 kids - get through abt 300 Gigs EACH per month - I could live with half of that!!!) but out here in the wild and woolly rural environs of deepest, darkest Tasmania, we keep on dreaming! When the NBN was rolled out in our town, the last 6 houses in one street were missed out - and, you guessed it! - we were the 5th house! We had to get satellite after that, despite offering to pay the cost of whatever it took. When we started out (Last April), we were only 'allowed' 40 gigs, but they very kindly upped it to 70 at no extra cost (WOW!!  :o :'() in November.
We're seeing a pollie about this same issue this coming Thursday, but I am not holding my breath!  $angry$

Hi Jelly Baby,
NBN in Brisbane (where I live) is okay, but have lost it twice in the last month due to thunderstorms/lightning strikes. I can do without the Internet but do not like the loss of the telephone link. We have been to Tasmania three times over recent years and have fallen in love with everything Tasmanian - people, places, produce, weather, and overall ease of getting from one awesome experience to another.

Suggest you contact Barnaby Joyce over your NBN concerns, I think he would be focused on pleasing potential voters "big time" at the moment.  Sorry, this is an OZ joke.

Genealogy & Research / Re: John Roberts, Conwy.
« Last post by DownUnder on Today at 10:13:32 AM »
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Thanks everybody. Sorry downunder while the John you found was living in Berry Street in 1861 I think the one I'm looking for was living in High Street around the corner but his name on the census is John Owen. Later on when you go through the census he is John Roberts. The one you found is the one I have a birth cert for and as he was born in Conway Castle Inn,which I believe is no.3 Berry, I thought I had the correct one as the widow of the one I'm looking for later came to live at no 3 but not until after 1911 and it stayed in the family for many years. When I look for Evan and Alfred Roberts I come up with the one in the High Street. I have them on all the census and their marriages but cannot find John or Evan's births. He is 24 on his marriage cert. Hugo. Yes it is the same tree Meleri. John Melville's father and my grandfather William Owen Roberts are brothers. As far as I know their grandfather is buried in St.Mary's with other members of the family and it is their graves I am trying to find. Thank you again

Hi Emma,

I found the 1861 Census record you referred to which shows the following:

First     Surname  Relnshp   Marit       Sex    Age YOB    Occ        Birth Place
Name                                  Status
John     Roberts     Head       Widower     Male     35  1826   Sawyer   Caernarvonshire, Wales
Trevor  Roberts      Son                          Male     12  1849   Scholar   Caernarvonshire, Wales
Mary    Roberts      Daught                     Female   9   1852   Scholar   Caernarvonshire, Wales
Alfred   Roberts      Son                          Male      7   1854   Scholar   Caernarvonshire, Wales

Eleanor Owen       Servant    Unmarried  Female 29   1832  Gen Serv Caernarvonshire, Wales
Sarah   Owen        Daught                     Female   9   1852  Scholar   Caernarvonshire, Wales
Thomas Owen       Son                          Male       3   1858                Caernarvonshire, Wales
John     Owen        Son                          Male       0   1861                Caernarvonshire, Wales
Evan     Evans       Lodger    Unmarried   Male     16   1845  Mariner   Caernarvonshire, Wales

This would indicate, in 1861, that John Owen was the son of Eleanor Owen who was unmarried at that point in time. The question is, did the label of "Unmarried" indicate that Eleanor was never married or that she was divorced. The fact that she was (in 1861) a Servant of John Roberts does not prove that John Roberts was the father of John Owen. What happened subsequently to any relationship between Eleanor Owen and John Roberts does not necessarily indicate that John Roberts was the father of John Owen.

Have you explored the births of Eleanor's other children ( Sarah and Thomas)?

Times Past / Re: John Bright Grammar School - Houses
« Last post by Bri Roberts on Today at 10:10:31 AM »
Yes, Hugo, is correct.

I am not in any of the photos but I can certainly recognise quite a few faces and can even remember a few names as well.

I am also younger than those pupils in those nostalgic photos.

I was in an Alpha stream.

There is no doubt I was in the same year as Jelly Baby’s sister if we can both remember 6/6/66.

I must add again that I do not remember Glaslyn ever being a House at JBGS.
Times Past / Re: John Bright Grammar School - Houses
« Last post by Hugo on Today at 09:46:23 AM »
JBGS  1965 but I don't think that Bri and Jelly Baby are in the photo but they may recognise some faces.     The school went comprehensive in 1969 so I'm surprised that the house names changed before then but new teachers were coming in and bringing in new ideas too

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