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Local News & Discussion / Re: Llandudno's Pier Pavilion redevelopment site
« Last post by DaveR on Today at 11:51:18 AM »
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still waiting for Travelodge to move in downstairs,there is no movement on the rent for the two empty units of which one has never been let in 5 years

I doubt Travelodge has any interest in the retail units and they may be owned and let by another company. By avoiding ground floor property their rates bill should be considerably lower.
The rateable value of the Travelodge element is £127,000, so they must pay around £62,000 in business rates a year.
Genealogy & Research / Re: Robert Williams / Sarah Ellen Evans.
« Last post by Helig on Today at 10:22:59 AM »
Thank you for posting these photos Hugo. It is lovely to see the palces we have been researching for this family. The one old church up in the hills reminds me of St Tudno on the Great Orme. Henryd looks to be well maintained and in good condition.

Hello Hugo,

Eliza/Elizabeth was the partner of Henry Francis Kerridge. No marriage can be found. I suspect that they got together when they were both under age (in 1881 they have a daughter, Edith Ethel born that year) and it could be Henry's parents didn't approve of her.

The birth and baptism were in Arundel, Sussex, and she was registered as Eliza Hayler. She was born on 26 June 1859.

I think there are two possibilities for her age being incorrect in the 1939 register:

1) there was a mistake in the transcription, or the enumerator got it wrong, or

(2) she falsified her age for reasons you suggest.

She seems to have changed her name to Elizabeth in the early 1900s as she is living under that name in The Dyke Hotel, Devil's Dyke, Brighton in 1905. In the 1911 census, she is Elizabeth Kerridge, widow.

Thanks again.

Local News & Discussion / Re: Stop Press
« Last post by Ian on Today at 09:10:30 AM »
Nice analogy.
Local News & Discussion / Re: Stop Press
« Last post by Fester on Today at 12:03:20 AM »
The best Brexit analogy I can think of is this....
We’ve all been out with a mate in the past, in a pub, who says ‘it’s crap in here, let’s go somewhere else’.  But they had no plan of where to go, or why, but you leave anyway because it was suggested.
Then you find yourself outside the pub you just left, and they won’t let you back in.
Then you start squabbling about why you are worse off than you were, and have no beer.
In essence, the U.K. is now in a kebab shop at 2am, arguing about who’s fault it is.
Local News & Discussion / Re: Stop Press
« Last post by Hugo on Yesterday at 10:49:49 PM »
EU  leaders agree Brexit delay plan 

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Politics & Current Affairs / Re: National politics
« Last post by snowcap on Yesterday at 10:18:10 PM »
thats him Fester i forgot you came from yorkshire but my way of spelling it is a lot quicker
We the simple people know it wasn't fit land, used to be the local tip with the Afon ganol running through, all that land gets flooded , just makes you wonder how brain dead they are on the council.
Local News & Discussion / Re: Stop Press
« Last post by Ian on Yesterday at 06:57:10 PM »
Well, the shambles that has resulted from the badly worded original referendum is absurd, but it ought never to have been run in the way it was, many of the Leave politicians ought to have been prosecuted for misleading the public and this petition - now crashed yet again (!) - is simply an indication of the ludicrous situation in which we now find ourselves.

It's always worth remembering that politicians only ever react to pressure from voters and press. The tabloids were and always have been anti-EU and many of the very wealthy Tories are anti-EU.  To me, the greatest travesty has been the vast swathes of Labour voters who've been conned into voting Leave by the incredibly wealthy Tories running that campaign.

My question was always if the very wealthy are trying to get the EU to break up, what are they trying to get out of it?  Uniting Europe was our idea in 1946;  we didn't want a repeat of the second World War and the Fascism that accompanied the rise of Hitler. 

So signing this petition will only serve to bring more pressure on the desperate May.  That is - if you can get in before it crashes again.  Apparently, it's the single largest amount of attempts to sign any petition since the Petitions site was established.
If it weren't our money they're squandering it would be hilarious. 

"CCBC said they are set to change the process they undergo when entering into a high value lease using its project management framework as a structure "

It's almost unbelievable that no one thought to check the load bearing capacity of the floor, given its intended purpose. I don't believe it's rocket science. 
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